News & Events at 3D Printing Studios


16 October - 3D Printing Studios appoints Professor Dr. Chua Chee Kai, world’s renowned leading expert in the field of 3D Printing to the board of the company. Read more...

13 October - Is 3D Printing Part of Your Design Toolkit?

There’s a spike of interest in 3D printing from various industries, but what does it offer designers and architects? We chat with the Singapore branch of 3D Printing Studios – one of our amazing #SGID17 partners! Read more...

1 October - Stuart Grover, CEO and Co-Founder of 3D Printing Studios was interviewed recently and he shared his insights, vision and prediction of what is 3D Printing and where it will be in to the near future from medical all the way to printing of human organs with bio-printing. 

27 September - 3D Printing Studios brings the power of 3D printing across Asia Pacific with SAP Distributed Manufacturing

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24 March - Grand Opening of 3D Printing Studios Asia in Singapore


21 December - 3D Printing Studios Death Star

22 January -  A Few Questions For: 3D Printing Studios, Exclusive Interview by 3D

18 January - Bring Your Ideas to Life with 3D Printing Studios Asia - 1 Printing, Infinite Uses, by EPOCH Times

You have printed documents in black and white or colour, but can you imagine printing a steak, a liveable house, rocket engine parts, prosthetic limbs, functional replica pistols, designer sunglasses, a two-seater car, a rowboat, clothing, or even a functional human organ? The rapidly evolving technology of additive manufacturing or three-dimensional (3D) printing has turned storybook fantasies into reality.


3 July - This YouTube video shows What's going on at 3D Printing Studios, Perth!


6 October - This YouTube video shows the CEO of 3D Printing Studios, Stuart Grover at Igniteb Sydney.

10 March - This YouTube video shows the CEO of 3D Printing Studios, Stuart Grover at TED X Talks at Manly.